maandag 21 juni 2010

Lewis charged over ‘burnout’’

by staff reporter

published 23 may 2010

Lewis Hamilton, the 25 year old formula one star, was stopped by the police for showing some tricks such as a ‘’burnout’’ and ‘’fishtail’’ in front of fans. This happened two days before the Melbourne Grand Prix in March. After he got caught , close to the Albert Park Circuit, his silver Mercedes was impounded by the police. He was charged with intentionally losing control over a vehicle and his court date has been set on August 24. However it is not sure he is present as he is expected to race in the Belgian Grand Prix three days later. Lewis Hamilton made a statement in which he said ‘’What I did was silly, and I want to apologize for it’’


I am not really a fan of sports but I do not mind watching the Grand Prix. I definitely know Lewis Hamilton and I was surprised to see this article in the Sun. Is this really big news?

I do not think so. However it is in the newspaper and I think he responded well by apologising for his behaviour. Everyone makes mistakes and you learn from them. He either learned his lesson or will be more careful next time.

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