woensdag 23 juni 2010


Child aged three bitten by fox at playgroup in Brighton

Monday, 21 June 2010

A three year old boy was attacked by a fox at a playground next to the Dorothy Stringer High School. The boy attended a party there when he saw a tail coming out under the building and wanted to stroke it. Relatives took the child to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton where he was treated and released. The playgroup which have been operated for over 35 years say that they have been aware of the foxes and that they contacted a local wildlife expert for advise. He said the foxes do not post a treat and since the building is to be broken down in a couple of weeks there was no problem. The playgroup now contacted Defra and a local pest control company to advise on what to do.


This is the second article I read about foxes attacking children. It seems to becoming a real problem. I think they should consider bringing the foxes somewhere else. Now that the foxes have been negatively in the News some people might want to hunt and kill them. This should be prevented. I do not think the fox is to blame in this article. It just wanted to protect itself. The boy did not see it was a fox so he is not to blame either. I think this is an unfortunate accident with a luckily good outcome as the boy was not seriously injured.


Sex education call for primary pupils

By Sean Coughlan

BBC News education correspondent Thursday, 17 June 2010

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) wants children to be taught about sex, relationships and alcohol at an early age. This way they hope to give the children confidence to delay having sex and if they do have sex make healthier choices. They also refer to binge drinking saying that children’s attitude towards drinking already starts to develop before they actually begin to drink. By starting to give these lessons at an early age they want to create awareness among children before they start making these choices. The previous government made plans for including compulsory sex and relationship education within the curriculum. This failed before the election and now the coalition government is planning their own plans for the curriculum.


I agree with NICE saying that children need to be aware of the dangers before they make choices. Especially when it comes to sex. I do think that you need a different approach in primary schools than in secondary schools. They should not begin to early but I think that you can teach them to respect each other and what is appropriate and what is not at the age of becoming a teenager.

dinsdag 22 juni 2010


Train carrying 60 passengers derails

By Lewis Smith Monday, 7 June 2010

A train came of track between Glasgow and Oban hurting an estimated two dozen passengers. As many as sixty people said they were on the train. The accident happened shortly before 9pm. Strathclyde Fire and Rescue service were alerted by a 999 call from passenger on board the train reporting the accident. After the derailment the front carriage caught fire. Rescue services were immediately set in motion. The leading carriage remains hanging over the road but the road has not been blocked. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured as everyone could walk out of the carriages themselves. An investigation is started to determine the cause of the accident.

Reaction I am glad the people who were on this train suffered from minor injuries. This very well could have been a disaster with many deaths. Fortunately this is not the case. I wonder what caused the train to derail. This is not something that happens easily. It is good that they started an investigation and I question what the outcome will be. Although it is scary to read about another train accident I do not think there are more train accidents than car accidents considering the amount of traffic and trains running every day.


No criminal charges over patients' deaths

PA Thursday, 3 June 2010

There will be no criminal charges brought over the deaths of the five patients who were under the care of a mental health trust. The Sussex Partnership NHS Trust manages the facilities where these five patients deaths occurred says that they have a lower percentage of patients dying as against to other facilities. Among the victims is a woman who suffocated herself with a plastic bag. The investigation of which the trust was willing to participate has found no evidence of criminal offences. Though they are still providing detailed information to the coroners that will significantly assist the four inquests that are yet to be heard.

These hearings will take place by the coroners where the deaths occurred. A facility named woodlands was closed as a precaution and to fully help the investigation. The trust now found it to be safe and Woodlands is due to be reopened next month.


When I read the headline I was expecting a different kind of article. This was however a very interesting article to read. It is hard to believe that someone would suffocate herself with a plastic bag. How do you do that? I think it is good that they investigated these deaths. The outcome is sure to be a relief not only for the NHS trust but also for many people who have gone to one of these facilities for mental help.


Kylie Minogue fears it's too late to have children

By Kate McMahon 14/06/2010

The 42 year old singer Kylie Minogue says she would love to be a mom but is not sure she is able to. After her being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 she went into a time full of steroids and drugs. This had an effect on her body as she noticed the awful side affects of taking these drugs such as gaining weight. Having won the Battle against the cancer she is still under a year before she gets the five-year all clear. Kylie is currently dating model Andres Velencoso and says that it is very hard. If there is a bit of doubt about having children you cannot help question it. Kylie admitted that she was a turnaround when she found out her sister ,now 38 years old, is having a baby. Life is funny isn’t it? She blossomed.


I am not very fond of reading showbiz articles. You never now how much of it is true but after reading this ( assuming that it is true) I felt sorry for her. After going true all those treatments she finds that she is maybe to old to have children. It is very sad and I wish her all the luck in the world.


Karren Brady: I regret choosing work over my babies

Exclusive by Jane Oddy 29/05/2010

Karen Brady has a new role to fill in BBC1’s Junior Apprentice. She thought the much beloved act of Margaret and Nick Hewer would be a hard act to follow but it turns out it is great to work with Nick. She has known Nick for a long time true connections with football. When she heard Margaret wanted out of the show and her to be her replacement, she was ecstatic. Although she works hard a body scan four years ago made her rethink her priorities as they found out she had a cerebral aneurysm. She says she tries to balance things more and makes sure she has a holiday to spent with her family. She received some critics about going back to work three days after giving birth to her daughter. She regrets it for she now sees that a career lasts a lifetime. She admits work is demanding but says she has a lovely husband and is managing to organise her time well.


A very nice article to read. I think it is very brave of her to say that she made a mistake by going back to work so soon after giving birth. A lot of woman feel the pressure of being a superwoman and I think it is good to acknowledge that it is not as great as it seems. Balancing things such as work and family is far more important than being a superwoman. Do not put your career aside but also do not make the mistake of missing out to much of you personal life.

maandag 21 juni 2010


Britain's Got Talent: Simon Cowell thinks top acts are "drying out"

By Mark Jefferies 18/05/2010

The well known Judge member Simon Cowell says he fears that Britian’s got talent is like a pond that has been fished dry. He feels that in this series only the 81 year old Janey Cutler and the gymnasts Spellbound stout out with a splendid performance. Last year thanks to the success of Susan Boyle and several other acts the show had 19,2 million viewers watching the finals. This year it has already begun with 3 million less viewers at the start of the series towards last year. Not everyone agrees as a spokesman from the ITV says that a program with well over the 10 million viewers is by far the most popular show to watch on a Saturday evening.


I think that everyone is fed up with these kinds of entertaining programs. At least I am. To me it is really strange that some people have pleasure watching these programs in which a lot of people are being humiliated. I know that these programs are very popular and to see less people watch them is a sign that it is not as interesting any more as it was in the beginning. Therefore I say, Stop the show and lets move on to another program.


Lewis charged over ‘burnout’’

by staff reporter

published 23 may 2010

Lewis Hamilton, the 25 year old formula one star, was stopped by the police for showing some tricks such as a ‘’burnout’’ and ‘’fishtail’’ in front of fans. This happened two days before the Melbourne Grand Prix in March. After he got caught , close to the Albert Park Circuit, his silver Mercedes was impounded by the police. He was charged with intentionally losing control over a vehicle and his court date has been set on August 24. However it is not sure he is present as he is expected to race in the Belgian Grand Prix three days later. Lewis Hamilton made a statement in which he said ‘’What I did was silly, and I want to apologize for it’’


I am not really a fan of sports but I do not mind watching the Grand Prix. I definitely know Lewis Hamilton and I was surprised to see this article in the Sun. Is this really big news?

I do not think so. However it is in the newspaper and I think he responded well by apologising for his behaviour. Everyone makes mistakes and you learn from them. He either learned his lesson or will be more careful next time.


Marriage does little for child development, study finds

Rachel Williams guardian.co.uk, Monday 19 April 2010

Conservative plans to give tax breaks to couples who are married would have little affect on the development of children. This shows in a study released today. It states that the development of children who have married parents is not better than of children who have parents that cohabit. The number of children born without married parents has raised up to 30% in the past 25 years. The study concluded there is a ruggedly academic and political debate on whether encouraging couples to marry will be a better environment for children. Although other studies show that there are slight differences this study states that there are no longer any statistically significant differences in child outcomes between children of married and cohabiting parents.


There are several studies on this subject all shown different results. I do believe that there is a difference in growing up in a family with married parents. Not that there is anything wrong with cohabiting parents. I think that children have a different experience growing up in a family with married parents. Whether this experience is for the better or worse I do not know but I do believe there is a difference. I think marriage is not to be taken lightly as many people do looking at the divorce rates of the last couple of years. To get married but not believe in it just to get a tax break sounds incomprehensible and silly to me.


This is England – on stage

Many recent plays now in theaters are confronting us with national identity as they cover a wide branch of patriotism, racism and tacking nationalism. The audience is almost force to sit back and think of England. Although not every play is to be condemned by this statement many plays do run deeper and tack the nationality head on. Perhaps they stand as retaliation against society recently alluded to by Gordon Brown. Perhaps they mark the election of sincere choice and let people think in what kind of Britain they want to live in. Whatever the reason might be it is clear that recent politics has come to stage.


This was a very boring article to read. They mentioned so many different plays that it got me confused what the article is about. Only at the end of the article it made things clear as I can know see the point they want to make. If I agree with them I could not really say because I never go to theaters and especially not in England. However I think it is only natural with the upcoming elections to think about your country and introduce this topic into different plays. It is a hot topic at the moment and sells. So why not use it in plays?

zondag 20 juni 2010


Daily Star pulled from airports over volcano ash splash

John Plunkett and agencies guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 21 April 2010

Copy’s of today’s daily star which shows an 747 with an engine ablaze on the cover and the words ‘’terror as plane hits ash cloud ‘’ has been removed from airport newsagents shelves. Reason is that it causes panic among the travelers. The image used in the newspaper was a reconstruction of an incident with a BA 747, 28 years ago. Gatwick airport's director of communications, Andrew McCallum said that it was inappropriate at this time with the volcano ashes being relevant today. The pictures do show the horrific reason why the flights where grounded for 5 days, however it is clearly designed to sell papers as anyone would think it is happening at this moment. Because of the many negative feedback from passengers on the newspaper they are thinking of getting it of the shelves permanently. The daily star did not want to respond at the time of publication.


The decision to ban the newspaper on the airports is I believe a good thing. As they already mention in the article it could have caused massive panic among the passengers. At this time reading the headline immediately lets you think this is a current event. I think it is inappropriate and unprofessional to publish such an article at this time. Whether they should ban the Daily star permanently I do not know. Maybe a warning should do the trick as well and let them think about what they publish. For those flying home I would not let newspapers or headlines stop me from going home and neither should you.


English patients have lower chance of surviving lung cancer, study shows

James Meikle guardian.co.uk, Thursday 29 April 2010

A study shows that survival lung cancer rates are lower in England than in Norway and Sweden despite there similar levels of health spending. Five years survival rates showed rigorous differences. English patents were less likely or delayed to be treated with surgery or drugs soon after being diagnosed and when they did the disease was often to far advanced. The authors said that the number of people getting lung cancer has descended since the 1970 and that the morbidity of smoking was higher in the UK than in Norway or Sweden. However we cannot exclude that difference in treatment play a role. The team compared these three countries because of the similarity in health spending and infrastructure and shows that in both woman and men England has the lowest survival rates. Sweden has the best survival rates which is shown in a remarkable difference in percentages.


This article is very interesting to read. It is hard to believe that people who get lung cancer in EnglandNorway or Sweden. However the research could be questioned and maybe be not entirely accurate they do show a difference in treatment and the results of that difference. For me it is unacceptable that when you spend the same amount on health care people have more change to survive cancer in Sweden than in England. Now knowing these results we should learn from each other and improve healthcare to the level it should be. For those currently living in England and suffering from lung cancer I say; go to Sweden and get the treatment you deserve. have a lower survival change than people in


Doctors issue health warning over smoking in British film blockbusters

Denis Campbell The Guardian, Thursday 29 April 2010

Doctors say that recent British films are more likely than Hollywood films to display specific cigarettes brands. They claim a stricter classification system so that films which include certain types of tobacco’s and cigarettes, depending of the amount, have a higher age rate. Researchers from Nottingham University say this is necessary because the attendance of smoking in films is likely to influence young viewers. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) however are rating two thirds of the films in which regular smoking is shown suitable for teenagers under the age of 18. It is peculiar that this is permitted in a country where not only smoking is prohibited under of the age of 18 but also where tobacco advertising is against the law. A BBFC spokeswoman says in her defense that they have asked the public if they should change this and the answer was very clear ‘’no’’. As the public does not want this to convert they are carrying on their current policy. Fortunately, partly because of the 2007 ban ‘ no smoking in public places ‘ films containing smoking are mainly set in the past.


In this article I agree with the doctors. Children often see their favorite TV personages as hero’s. They can easily be influenced by seeing their hero’s smoking. It might encourage them to smoke as well. I think it is strange that this is no problem in a country where smoking under the age of 18 is prohibited. It should not have to matter if the public wants it or not. The government sets an age limit and I think you have to respect that and set an example. I think it is a matter of public health in which we all share responsibility. We should make young teenagers aware of the dangers of smoking and we should not promote this behavior in films.


Christian Counsellor loses Court fight over Sacking
Press Association guardian.co.uk, Thursday 29 April 2010

Gary Mcfarlane, a Christian relationship counselor, is challenging the decision of being sacked as he refused to give sex therapy to a gay couple. It has led to a serious collision between the Christian lobby and the judiciary. The Bishop Lord Carey had sent a statement to a judge hearing the appeal application by Gary Mcfarlane. The senior church called for a special panel of judges to hear the case. The application to appeal ended in a powerful demission by lord Justice laws. Lord Justice laws says in short that everyone has different believes but therefore one should not be placed above the other in law. Those who stand in the cold would otherwise be less citizen. Lord Carey disagrees and says that by calling this breaking of discrimination laws it shows a lack of sensitivity to religious believes.

When I read this article I found it difficult to form my own opinion. I believe this is a very delicate issue with many different views and ideas. For both parties there is something to say but I believe that the real issue here is when is something discrimination and when not. Can you refuse to do something because of religious believes and if so are you by doing this breaking the discrimination law? Quiet frankly I do not know. Why should a gay couple sue a relationship counselor because he refuses to help him? I would say forget about him and find someone else who is willing to help you. However I am aware that not everyone shares my opinion.

donderdag 22 april 2010

What choice for school and college leavers in this job market?

At the moment the disillusionment that a good education is no longer a guarantee for finding a good job is especially harsh for students who want to enter or leave universities. While students know exactly which universities, traineeships and qualities will provide them with a job, teachers are complaining about the fact that they feel forced to respond to the student’ s demand and not being able to live up to their own intellectual and educational standards. Either way results in too many unskilled students entering the job market. The teaching unions are now realizing the importance of working together with the students so they can all make an effort to regain education as an authentic and rewarding activity.