maandag 21 juni 2010

Britain's Got Talent: Simon Cowell thinks top acts are "drying out"

By Mark Jefferies 18/05/2010

The well known Judge member Simon Cowell says he fears that Britian’s got talent is like a pond that has been fished dry. He feels that in this series only the 81 year old Janey Cutler and the gymnasts Spellbound stout out with a splendid performance. Last year thanks to the success of Susan Boyle and several other acts the show had 19,2 million viewers watching the finals. This year it has already begun with 3 million less viewers at the start of the series towards last year. Not everyone agrees as a spokesman from the ITV says that a program with well over the 10 million viewers is by far the most popular show to watch on a Saturday evening.


I think that everyone is fed up with these kinds of entertaining programs. At least I am. To me it is really strange that some people have pleasure watching these programs in which a lot of people are being humiliated. I know that these programs are very popular and to see less people watch them is a sign that it is not as interesting any more as it was in the beginning. Therefore I say, Stop the show and lets move on to another program.

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