maandag 21 juni 2010

This is England – on stage

Many recent plays now in theaters are confronting us with national identity as they cover a wide branch of patriotism, racism and tacking nationalism. The audience is almost force to sit back and think of England. Although not every play is to be condemned by this statement many plays do run deeper and tack the nationality head on. Perhaps they stand as retaliation against society recently alluded to by Gordon Brown. Perhaps they mark the election of sincere choice and let people think in what kind of Britain they want to live in. Whatever the reason might be it is clear that recent politics has come to stage.


This was a very boring article to read. They mentioned so many different plays that it got me confused what the article is about. Only at the end of the article it made things clear as I can know see the point they want to make. If I agree with them I could not really say because I never go to theaters and especially not in England. However I think it is only natural with the upcoming elections to think about your country and introduce this topic into different plays. It is a hot topic at the moment and sells. So why not use it in plays?

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