dinsdag 22 juni 2010


Karren Brady: I regret choosing work over my babies

Exclusive by Jane Oddy 29/05/2010

Karen Brady has a new role to fill in BBC1’s Junior Apprentice. She thought the much beloved act of Margaret and Nick Hewer would be a hard act to follow but it turns out it is great to work with Nick. She has known Nick for a long time true connections with football. When she heard Margaret wanted out of the show and her to be her replacement, she was ecstatic. Although she works hard a body scan four years ago made her rethink her priorities as they found out she had a cerebral aneurysm. She says she tries to balance things more and makes sure she has a holiday to spent with her family. She received some critics about going back to work three days after giving birth to her daughter. She regrets it for she now sees that a career lasts a lifetime. She admits work is demanding but says she has a lovely husband and is managing to organise her time well.


A very nice article to read. I think it is very brave of her to say that she made a mistake by going back to work so soon after giving birth. A lot of woman feel the pressure of being a superwoman and I think it is good to acknowledge that it is not as great as it seems. Balancing things such as work and family is far more important than being a superwoman. Do not put your career aside but also do not make the mistake of missing out to much of you personal life.

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