zondag 20 juni 2010


Christian Counsellor loses Court fight over Sacking
Press Association guardian.co.uk, Thursday 29 April 2010

Gary Mcfarlane, a Christian relationship counselor, is challenging the decision of being sacked as he refused to give sex therapy to a gay couple. It has led to a serious collision between the Christian lobby and the judiciary. The Bishop Lord Carey had sent a statement to a judge hearing the appeal application by Gary Mcfarlane. The senior church called for a special panel of judges to hear the case. The application to appeal ended in a powerful demission by lord Justice laws. Lord Justice laws says in short that everyone has different believes but therefore one should not be placed above the other in law. Those who stand in the cold would otherwise be less citizen. Lord Carey disagrees and says that by calling this breaking of discrimination laws it shows a lack of sensitivity to religious believes.

When I read this article I found it difficult to form my own opinion. I believe this is a very delicate issue with many different views and ideas. For both parties there is something to say but I believe that the real issue here is when is something discrimination and when not. Can you refuse to do something because of religious believes and if so are you by doing this breaking the discrimination law? Quiet frankly I do not know. Why should a gay couple sue a relationship counselor because he refuses to help him? I would say forget about him and find someone else who is willing to help you. However I am aware that not everyone shares my opinion.

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