zondag 20 juni 2010


Daily Star pulled from airports over volcano ash splash

John Plunkett and agencies guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 21 April 2010

Copy’s of today’s daily star which shows an 747 with an engine ablaze on the cover and the words ‘’terror as plane hits ash cloud ‘’ has been removed from airport newsagents shelves. Reason is that it causes panic among the travelers. The image used in the newspaper was a reconstruction of an incident with a BA 747, 28 years ago. Gatwick airport's director of communications, Andrew McCallum said that it was inappropriate at this time with the volcano ashes being relevant today. The pictures do show the horrific reason why the flights where grounded for 5 days, however it is clearly designed to sell papers as anyone would think it is happening at this moment. Because of the many negative feedback from passengers on the newspaper they are thinking of getting it of the shelves permanently. The daily star did not want to respond at the time of publication.


The decision to ban the newspaper on the airports is I believe a good thing. As they already mention in the article it could have caused massive panic among the passengers. At this time reading the headline immediately lets you think this is a current event. I think it is inappropriate and unprofessional to publish such an article at this time. Whether they should ban the Daily star permanently I do not know. Maybe a warning should do the trick as well and let them think about what they publish. For those flying home I would not let newspapers or headlines stop me from going home and neither should you.

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