dinsdag 22 juni 2010


No criminal charges over patients' deaths

PA Thursday, 3 June 2010

There will be no criminal charges brought over the deaths of the five patients who were under the care of a mental health trust. The Sussex Partnership NHS Trust manages the facilities where these five patients deaths occurred says that they have a lower percentage of patients dying as against to other facilities. Among the victims is a woman who suffocated herself with a plastic bag. The investigation of which the trust was willing to participate has found no evidence of criminal offences. Though they are still providing detailed information to the coroners that will significantly assist the four inquests that are yet to be heard.

These hearings will take place by the coroners where the deaths occurred. A facility named woodlands was closed as a precaution and to fully help the investigation. The trust now found it to be safe and Woodlands is due to be reopened next month.


When I read the headline I was expecting a different kind of article. This was however a very interesting article to read. It is hard to believe that someone would suffocate herself with a plastic bag. How do you do that? I think it is good that they investigated these deaths. The outcome is sure to be a relief not only for the NHS trust but also for many people who have gone to one of these facilities for mental help.

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